Where is Moin Halal Based?
Moin Halal is a family-owned business based in Central Pennsylvania.

How are shipping costs and delivery calculated?
Shipping costs are automatically calculated at checkout, and they vary based on location and order quantity. We provide a safe delivery and try to deliver our products as fast as possible to our customers. The delivery time frame depends on the location of the customer. Usually, we deliver orders within two days or the next day with our overnight delivery.

Will my order be safe?
We package our orders in an insulated box along with ice gel packs or dry ice, so your order is delivered in the freshest quality.

Are Your Products Halal and USDA Certified?
Yes, all our products are Hand Slaughtered Halal and certified by the USDA.

Where are Your Products Sourced From?
Our products are sourced from trusted local farms who share the same vision with us. The animals are raised in a healthy and humane environment, and we regularly visit our farms to make sure they conform to our standards. We have built a trusted network of farmers over the years, and they work together with us through the whole process. 

Are Your Products Organic?
Yes, the animals are grass fed and raised without chemicals, growth hormones, or GMOs.